Next Steps

We believe that attending church should not be something that Christians do as mere spectators.  As a church, we are a family which involves certain commitments, sacrifices, and joys as we worship and serve in community.  You can find out more here on how you can get more involved with the family of God at Cornerstone.


After a person repents and believes in Jesus Christ, securing salvation through God's unmerited grace, the first step of response and obedience in Scripture is to be baptized. Baptism has come to mean different things to different people and groups, so you need to know what God's Word says about baptism. If you are interested in knowing more about baptism, or are ready to take this step in publicly proclaiming the amazing power of Jesus in the gospel, we want to come alongside you and celebrate this next step in your spiritual walk.

In order to be baptized at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Orillia, you first need to let us know! After you've connected with the office, you'll be invited to come and be a part of a baptism class where we'll go over the finer points of what baptism is and how we should approach it. This class will give you the ability to fully know what taking this next step means, so that when the day comes, it will be a memorable and special time in your spiritual walk with Christ.


Here at Cornerstone Orillia, we take the matter of membership very seriously.  God's Word says:

"Like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."  (1 Peter 2:4. NRSV)

Our church is made up of living stones – individual believers who let themselves be built into something bigger.  The implications of this are many, not the least of which is that the holiness and usefulness of this church will never exceed that of its individual stones.  We as a church become what we are as people before the Lord.  With this in mind, we try and approach the membership process through a spiritual lens. We want to know more about you: what your deep beliefs are, what your sense of calling is.  We're seeking alignment of purpose between ourselves and those stones we add to the building of the Lord. If are interested in joining our tribe through membership, contact the office.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups function as our in-house small group network.  We believe that the bigger our church gets, the more important it is for us to connect in smaller community.

In the early church they met in large groups and in smaller groups, “house to house”, to use the language of Acts 2:46, and we believe that model is still the best way to do church today.  Our times together on Sunday morning are vitally important and our times together mid-week in smaller groups are equally critical to our growth and development as followers of Jesus Christ.

Visit our Growth Groups page to learn about the different groups offered and to sign up.

Welcome Centre

If you're looking to get more information on who we are as a church, then everything can be found at the Welcome Centre in our front foyer. If you're new and want to get to know people, if you'd like to pick up a free Bible, ask about giving, or get more information about small group ministries, check out this hub any time on Sunday mornings.