150th Anniversary Book

What a blessing to have celebrated our 150th Anniversary on Sunday, November 19;  we give thanks to the Lord for His incredible blessings over the years to us here at Cornerstone! We have witnessed God work mightily in the hearts of His people.  We have seen Him sustain this ministry through challenging times, and we have watched Him work everything together for the good of those who love Him.

In light of this special anniversary, we'll be launching a book in the new year which recounts the one hundred and fifty year history of Cornerstone Baptist Church. This book includes lots of special memories and photos, and recounts an inspiring look through the years.

Titled 'Cornerstone Baptist Church: A Sesquicentennial History 1873-2023', this book was co-written by Dr. Michael Haykin and Dr. Matthew Stanton, and will be available for cost recovery purchase for $5/book. 

If you'd like to pre-order your book, you can complete the form below and the church office will reserve your copy for when it releases in January.  There are several ways you can pay for your book listed below; if you have any questions please contact Susan Storey or call the office at 705-326-3800.

Pre-Order your Book by Completing the Following:

Payment Options:

There are 3 ways you can pay for your $5 150th Anniversary book; if you have any questions or are unable to process your payment, please email the office

Option 1: E-Transfer

You can e-transfer the cost recovery of the book ($5/book) to the email address give@cornerstoneorillia.org. Please make sure to write in the memo that your payment is for the Anniversary Book.

Option 2: At the Welcome Centre

You can pre-order your book on Sundays at the Welcome Centre desk in the front foyer.  The Welcome centre takes credit or debit ($5/book).

Option 3: Cash/Cheque

You can bring your cash/cheque payment for your book to the office during the week to pre-order your copy.